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Thread: 250sx head cleaning

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    250sx head cleaning

    Looking for thoughts and opinions on cleaning the carbon from the exhaust port without removing valves. Head is removed from engine. Also, what is the recommended grit for honing brush for cyl?

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    There are some chemicals that work on removing the carbon off valves (Zep Purple Cleaner, Carbon-Off, etc) but also eats away at the aluminum.

    I would be tempted to use barrel brushes with a flexible stem that can work off a hand drill and get all the carbon off in the area........the best you can. Then maybe a quick spray with a carbon cleaner and a quick rinse.

    If there's a lot of carbon build up, there's a good chance the valve seals have some pitting on them and may require some valve lapping. I figured you've come all this way to remove the head.....I would just do the last couple steps and remove the valves and clean them thoroughly and see if the valve seating area needs lapping.

    Maybe there's a magical chemical that you can shoot in there and just wash.......someone who knows can chime in.

    Good luck

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