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Thread: What makes 200x kick starters slip? Several soloutions inside!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrConcdid View Post
    Wow this is an old thread, I have a new to me 84 200x and the kicker slips, I plan to follow these post,
    Q. do I have to split the case to get to this gear set and spring or can I get to it but just taking off the right side case?

    Initially, a weak ratchet spring causes the kicker gears to slip past each other, wearing them down, then the gears get to the point where even with a stiffer spring, they still slip past each other, especially in high compression engines. Some guys file the kicker gears so they grab better, and install a stiffer ratchet spring. Yes you have to split the cases, one major downfall of the 200X.
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    Hey, my 85 200x has this same issue with the kick start slipping over. I am thinking about tearing it down to fix it. Is there anywhere to purchase the stronger spring for this?

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    Back cut the gears and buy new spring. I had major slippage on a new build and had bottem and apart many times,chasing this issue. I followed a thread from here years ago with some pics. It was pretty easy todo. What worked best for me was a dremel and cut off disc. I was able to back "cut" more like grindaway material very easily so when teeth went together they interlocked. Never slipped one time again

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    I have most of what I need to finish a jig for this. Then I can cut them on my mill using a rotary table to the exact same degree, angle and depth.

    I still have so many ATC ideas and projects to complete, I just don't have the space to do so and keep things sorted.

    But, we finally listed Dads house this week and once it sells the big shop will be built and I hope to get to these things I've wanted to do for 20 years.

    This will be a huge job because most will be done all by myself, hopefully I can get guys to help with the concrete pad because it's gonna be big. I want a car lift in there as well and a door big enough to pull my backhoe inside. Lets hope this "war" doesn't F things up for me. Unfortunately although we think we can and we wait for the right time, we can never save money faster than the price of goods especially with inflation.

    Just having the shelf space to keep things sorted and stored while you work on them makes a huge difference. I often find 1 gallon ziplock bags with stuff I worked on many years ago but I couldn't get back to it, I forgot it even existed...
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    Dirtcrasher, did you get setup to cut the gears?

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