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Thread: New from East TN

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    New from East TN

    Hello to all. My name is Brian im new to the site but want to thank all for keeping ATC,s alive. I,ve rode ATC,s all my life. I,ve owned a few quads but sold them and still own and ride my ATC,s. Currently I own a restored 1970 us 90 in Aquarrius Blue. I also have a 1973 atc 70 that I hav,ent done anything with yet.A 1983 atc70 that I like to ride around the yard an do wheelies on. I have a 1985 250r I have restored. Iv,e owned it since 89. And last but not least my 1986 350x that I fixed up to ride. I got it out in the snow yesterday and had a blast. I will try to post some pics when I figure out how.Brian

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    welcome to 3ww brian. post some pics of your trikes..people here love the mini trikes!
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    No kidding, I think we need to bring trikes back just to weed out the retards.

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