Here I go again. What have I got myself into. Somehow, I got the bright idea that I need to build this

And for some reason, this motor is trying to talk me into N.O.S. Performance parts.


Well, here is what I'm going for. Already having a stock 110, I want something with more power. Since I already have this, why not build it? So, it is going to (hopefully) have a big bore kit, Upgraded cam, and upsized carb (If my wallet allows any of it), and downsized tires as I would like to be slightly lower to the ground.

This may not do anything major for a while, but I thought I would post it up anyway. If I do anything, It will be coating the frame and installing the rear carrier I got from Howdy. Other than that, I've got to finish the other one first. So it's a long term build, but it should be fun nonetheless.