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Thread: Help getting 200x front end on 120

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    Help getting 200x front end on 120

    Got a 85 AT 110 and 85 ATC200x front triples and shocks. Will these interchange? Any mods needed to be done

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    Take a look at this thread http://www.3wheelerworld.com/showthr...light=ol+deuce
    and http://www.3wheelerworld.com/showthr...tree-on-my-110

    The front wheel is an 8" on a 6" wide rim, specifically 4/110 Douglas .125 Wheel 8X6 3.0 + 3.0 which requires a turned down stock 200x hub to fit the 8" diameter rim. FYI I have two of these turned down hubs which I've never used.

    Randy didn't like the stock 200x tire/rim and wanted a proportional look to the rear rims.

    Hope that helps.
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