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Thread: 84 200s Owner from Idaho Falls (1 hour from the St Anthony Dunes)

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    84 200s Owner from Idaho Falls (1 hour from the St Anthony Dunes)

    I grew up on a ATC 110 when my family lived in MD. Before we moved to WA we sold it to a family friend to be used on a farm. It was like sending of a family pet to the farm. That was 14 years ago. Now that I am in the Post-College real world I have my own disposable income. It is not THAT disposable, so when I got that three wheeler itch, I was happy to find out I could afford to scratch it. While visiting friends in Boise this weekend I stumbled upon a 84 200s. PO had three 3's: ATC 110, the 200s, and a two stroke Tri-Z. He was selling them to get some quads. The 3's were used to hone his kids skills so they could be masters when moving "up" (perspective) to the quads. Picked it up for $375 with extra set of rear wheels with small paddles. Plastic fenders are cracked, but it had a recent top end rebuild and has an aftermarket pipe. I am super excited to ride it this summer. Downside? I drove my supercharged Miata (my autocross toy) this weekend. Now I get to buy a trailer and tow it across the state with my beater Subaru 88 GL. This community was a great asset in the search and research. I look forward to picking brains in keeping my new 200s happy! Pics will be up when I get it home!

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