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    Welcome to the nets biggest, most informative, and best site on three wheelers. Our mission is to keep the sport of 3 Wheelers alive. We have information on the rare factory racing three wheelers such as the Tiger, & Cagiva. But don't worry, we're not all just about the rare racers, We're here for all makes and models, regardless of how old or new they are, that is why we're called 3 WHeeLeR WoRLD. Want to chit chat with other three wheeler riders? Check out the message board, or for real time chat, try our chat room on Wednesday nights at 8:00 PM Eastern Time! In need of some parts? Checkout the parts section to find out who made them for your three wheeler, and if there still available. Then check the classifieds to see if someone has that part for sale. Need some specifications for your 3 Wheeler? We got that covered too, check out the 34+ pages of specifications. Thanks for browsing and don't forget to bookmark this site, it gets better and better every week.

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4-11-08: Long time no update, eh? We're still alive and kickin, just tied up with lots of stuff lately. I've been getting some email lately wondering about the site and trikefest. The site isn't dead, and its not abandonded. Yeah I know it hasn't been updated in a year. We are...working slowly towards having a new design, and layout for the site that would make adding content a whole lot easier and modernize it in line with a lot of the other sites on the web now a days. Coincidently 3WW is turning TEN YEARS old next January (1999-2009) and theres a chance this new design will be complete by then, we'll see :).

As for Trikefest, it is indeed still happening this year. I finished the brochure and uploaded it not to long ago Heres a link. Unfourtunately, I believe the current fuel price crisis we have here in the US will put a bit of a hamper on attendence especially for the long haul guys, but it will be a great time either way. Theres some new stuff, and we're having the raffle trike again so give that brochure a look and mark the 13th and 14th of June down on your calenders. If you've got any questions drop a line in the forum or at ____________________________________________________________________

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