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Old Updates:

We decided to end 2006 with a 3WheelerWorld Update. Being as it's now Dec 31, 2006 it's time to finish it. We purchased all the Brochures and information from Eric Russell's Honda Brochure web site that he took down a few months ago. Over the past week - 10 days we have been working to get all the brochures scanned ( that weren't scanned already ) and get them built into the web site. While we were at it Howdy went ahead and scanned all the ones he had as well. We now have over 70 Complete brochures and Magazine ad's scanned and a part of the site. We are able to bring these to you Thanks to the users that have donated to the site. For now we have just updated the Honda brochures, but we will be working on Updating all the others as time allows. You can see "The Honda Brochure" section by clicking here: The Honda ATC Brochure Site!. More updates are coming as time allows.
The 3WW Team

Trying to get a few updates done. For starters we have now added a Old School Polaris Sales Video. This Video features the Polaris Scrambler 3 Wheeler and Trail Boss 4 wheeler. This video was originally posted on the 3WheelerWorld forums quite a while ago, but now it's a part of the Polaris Scrambler 3Wheeler Page as well. More updates are coming as time allows.


The return of the Guestbook. A long time ago we lost the password to the 3WheelerWorld Guestbook. We had tried for a long time without any success to recover it. Do to the amount of spam that had been posted in it we totally removed the links to it. Now after alot of hard work and events we have retrieved the password, removed a ton of spam and then re-linked the guestbook. So if you haven't signed it, or would just care to read it feel free to do so. Please note that we now have it set to where all entries have to be aproved before they are made Public. We did this so that we can keep the spam and Porn off it. You can check the guestbook out here: The 3WheelerWorld GuestBook


On this past Friday (July 21st 2006) we found out that Tim Warburton "ThreeWheelio" had passed away in a tragic accident the day before. He was killed instantly when a Jeep he had been working on slipped off of a forklift. There is an article in a French Canadian newspaper Here. Although I never did meet Tim face to face, I chatted with him a lot during the early years of 3WW and I looked up to him imemnsely. He taught me a lot about trikes and how to build a website. He was a great guy and it sucks to think that now hes gone. Its been several days since I learned of the news and its still so shocking.

The name might not be that familiar to some of you, but Tim was the guy that started 3WHeeLeR WoRLD, and the message board. It started out as just a small page on a free website service called Angelfire that he created after looking around on the net and not finding any good sites on trikes. He layed the foundation of the site and the group to help become what it is today. I have no doubt in my mind that if he had not created this site, we would still be in the "dark ages" so to speak. Tim had the forsight to see the need AND create something three-wheeler enthusiasts wanted. He wrote letters to DirtWheels magazine often, and I believe atleast 6 or 7 of them were printed. In one of the emails I received from a friend of Tims, he said that Tim was quite proud of what 3WW had become. Tim leaves behind him his girlfriend Apryl and her son, his parents, and many many friends. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers as you visit the site or go about your day. If you would like to leave a comment on the forum, you can do so Here

Godspeed Tim, and may you rest in peace.

Billy ---------------------


WoooHoo! Back from Trikefest, update is a couple weeks late but I've still been trying to recover . Had an AWESOME time. If you missed out on it, you really have to come next year. The Motocross race was our biggest ever. There was such a wide variety of machines there. We even had a YZ426 dirtbike converted into a trike that Virgil (3WheelsForever) piloted, talk about crazy! We had so many entries in the 2 stroke class we actually broke it down into an Advanced, and Novice ones. I ran my Tri-Z in the novice class and got 2nd both motos. ScottZJ and I battled it out hardcore the first moto. I'd get ahead of him, and then he'd pass me in the next corner, and then I'd be right beside of him going over a table top or banging bars in the whoops. It was AWESOME. Congrats to everyone who raced and placed well, and even if you didn't you know you had a good time!

Drag races were sick also. We had everything from CR500 conversions (Mine!), to CT310 ATC250R's with drag pipes, to stock 350X's, to Suzuki ALT125s. There was a real wide selection of machines there. The track conditions were a little bit un-desireable because of rain from earlier that day, but we had a couple guys on quads and trikes running up and down it constantly getting it dried out and they did a good enough job for us to get our show on the road. Big thanks goes out to them for doing that.

I just finished up a new Trikefest 05 Desktop Background a couple days ago you should checkout. Pretty cool if I might say so myself. Link below with the other updates. There is also a 150mb zipfile full of pictures to hold you over until the Trikefest photo CD and video are done. Heres a link Thanks goes out to Rhuel (350Xhilaration)

EDIT: I was suppose to mention this when I updated the site to start with but it slipped my mind (Not an uncommon thing it seems). In the years past, we have took group photos at Trikefest with just the trikes, and then rolled the quads in, and told everyone else that was there to join in. This year, it did not turn out like that. We started off normal with all the trikes in the picture, with the riders on them. We then dis-mounted and several more photos were taken. Now, normally this where we would tell everyone to go ahead and bring their quads and other machines on in so we can get a picture of EVERYONE together, whether they were on a trike or not. However someone, and its unclear who it was yelled "We're all done" before we were able to everyone scattered instantly. A bunch of people have felt left out that they were not in the group picture because of this. I just want to set the record straight here and now, we're not trying to set a "Three-wheeler elitest" precedent. I own a quad, TimSr does, and so does Howdy. There was simply a mis-communication. So I want to offer my apology, if you were asked to wait until the three-wheeler pictures were done, or told no quads allowed, I'm sorry. This was our biggest Trikefest yet, and it was admittingly a bit hectic to those of us who were trying to organize things and keep things running smoothly. We made an error, and I promise you it wont be the same way next year. We have learned from our mistakes are going to be assigning people to each individual aspect of Trikefest to help evenly distribute the burden. I hope you guys will understand and forgive us, we're all just amateurs learning our way as we go about this.      Billy & The 3WW Team

I also got in contact with former Pro racer Rodney Shedenhelm, and he sent in some GREAT pictures from the first ever 250R race. He also included a picture of him On the Cover of 3Wheeling Magazine. Very, very cool stuff for sure. You guys gotta checkout those pictures from the 250R race (Linkage below). Probably the coolest original non-magazine pictures I've ever seen during my time here on the site. How often do you get to see a picture of Dean Sundahl getting sideways, and then next to it see another of the guy who designed the 250R?!?

Here is the complete list of updates we have for today. Enjoy!

#1: A whole bunch of new Readers Rigs On page 30.
#2: A slew of Action Photos on Page 9.
#3: Added another link to Troll's Restoration on his "Black Sunshine" project. It can be found Here on the Restoration page.
#4: Made a whole new page on the Back in The Day page that features the first race the ATC250R was ever in.
#5: Theres a single (But very cool picture) of Rodney Shedenhelm racing at the 1981 Score Bridgestone World Championship on the Back In The Day page. Check it out.
#6: A new addition to the Movies Page which is the music video "In a big country". Theres a link to the forum post with more details.
#7: Added a new Trikefest 05 Background on I made on the Backgrounds

3Wheelerworld, fueling your addiction to the three-wheeled madness.

Billy ____________________________________________________________________

5-21-05 I'm way behind, but I've been very busy getting prepared for Trikefest 05 (Woohoo!) Myself, I'm counting down the minutes. My main project lately has been converting my 85 CR500 I got in trade a couple months back into a trike, for drag racing. I bought an old Laegers conversion kit on ebay and been getting everything setup and going. Maiden voyage as a trike will hopefully be this coming monday when I get the last of my parts in. Check the forum if your interested in it, its under the thead title "CR500 conversion project begins". Anyways, heres what we got.

#1: Some new Readers Rigs on pages 29 and page 30
#2: Quite a few new Action Photos on Page 8 and also Page 9
#3: New link on the Links Page
#4: New pictures on the Fat Cat Page
#5: New Addition to the Restorations Page
#6: Got another TV Show added to the Movies Page
Superjunky seems to be MIA this month...Rumor has it he got into a bad fight with a bottle of Jack Daniels that would not open for him...

Also, if you haven't noticed I've got a Trikefest 05 countdown ticker on the top of the page now to remind everyone how close it is. The group discount list is now available to have you and your parties names added to it. Go to This Link on the forum for more information on how you can get on it. I think that about wraps it up, Might squeeze one more in before Trikefest. We'll see.

Billy ____________________________________________________________________

4-09-05 This is just a quickie, But I had some free time and figured I'd go ahead and get it done.

#1: I had added a .pdf article on team Honda racer Tommy Gaian a while back that Mike Dunn AKA mymint87 sent in on the Scanned Mag Articles page, but evidently I neglected to mention it during the update. Oops. There is also an Action Photo on Page 6 that I forgot to mention.

I was also sent a very cool Honda FatCat picture from "Scatter". There are 17 FatCats all together in one picture. Head on over to the Fat Cat Page to check it out.

Billy ____________________________________________________________________

4-03-05 April update is complete, Sorry for it being a once a month thing lately...I hope to be able to get back in the once a week update that it use to be but I've been real busy lately. Anyways, heres the list of stuff I've got done:

#1: Some Readers Rigs 29.
#2: April Edition of Super Junky! Is up. Some fairly interesting questions this time...
#3: Updated theScanned Mag' Articles Page with some really cool stuf. Blazerone22 sent in a ATC500R article, and an auto200x article as well. The 500R article is a must see.
#4: Almost a full page of Action Photos on page 8.
#5:Updated the Ads page with a lot of stuff actually. 1984 Hondaline Accessory guide from Greenboy/Hagen, a Honda "3Wheelin for the fun of it" brochure from going4broketecate85 which is mainly about safety and pointers towards new riders. There is also a plethora of Yamaha ads added. 1985 Tri-Z, 225DX, and the YTM200E.
#6: Updated the Links Page with a link to and that very cool monster three-wheeler I posted in the forum a couple days ago.
#7: Updated the Avenger page with a bit more information.
#8: Added some more pictures to the 88 ATCs Page sent to me from Mark in the UK.

Thats all of the updates, but theres a few other things I'd like to talk about. One is Dean Kirsten's Helmet collection That has some helmets worn by Dean Sundahl, Jimmy white, and Wax. Awesome stuff. The other thing is Neil's (CHAINSAW) Polished up Tri-Z Drag engine, check it out here. This thing has flames eteched into the head, you really have to see it. Last but not least is some pictures wolfspider posted on the forum a while back, Located Here of some riding in the UK. The one picture shows the dozens of stone fences way off in the background downhill. Very cool to look at

Oops I lied, thats not the last thing. I forgot to mention that we also moved to our very own IRC chat server recently. The server is now if you have an internet relay chat client such as mIRC. If not, then feel free to use our greatly improved chat page (Link at the upper right). Cya around.

Billy ____________________________________________________________________

3-01-05 Back at it again for this months update. I kind of got behind but I'm pretty much caught up on all of it now. A whole slew of new stuff.

#1: A whole bunch of Readers Rigs on page 27, 28, AND 29.
#2: March Edition of Super Junky! Is up and going now. All new questions, All new answers, same stupidity!
#3: Updated theScanned Mag' Articles Page. Theres an article that Dave (Blazerone22) sent in that is very interesting. Its from the December 86 issue of 3Wheeling, and its written by a test rider for the CPSC. It details their somewhat comical way of testing all the different three-wheelers, along with some other information on how the CPSC came up with the plan to test them the way they did. Its a 3 page read in the Adobe .pdf format. Definetly check it out.
#4: Whole lot of additions to Action Photos Page 7 and Page 8.
#5:Updated the Movies page again with a few more additions.
#6: Updated the Links Page with a link to a guy who is making the absolute best reproduction Yamaha threewheeler decals there are in existence right now. I'm telling you guys, these are so perfect I dont think anyone could distinguish them from factory ones. They are that good.

Whew, that was a big update. If you want to see your trikes picture on the site, or have a cool addition, Drop me a line.

Billy ____________________________________________________________________

2-4-05 Hey Hey Hey, What'ya know! We're in the March Edition of Dirtwheels Magazine! Check us out on page 15 in the Over The Bars section, where a small writeup is shown about Trikefest 05. You've probably already noticed the new white text at the top of the main page, thats for any of the new visiting people to be able to easily find what their looking for. Hey by the way, if your new yourself, Welcome! Heres what I got for the updates this time around:

#1: Quite a few new Readers Rigs on page 27
#2: New edition of Super Junky! Is available. The king of junkyness is back at it again, see what he's got to say this month!
#3: Updated theTrikefest 05 Page. With a lot of info to help people who might be interested in Trikefest.
#4: Made a few additions to the Action Photos Page 7
#5:Updated the Movies page with a few additions.

Thats all there is for now. If you got it send it in!

Billy ____________________________________________________________________

1-15-05First update of the year 2005, heres what we got.

#1: Quite a few new Readers Rigs on page 26 and 27. Big Red 200E, few 350X's.
#2: New Movies with Trikes page. This page houses a list of movies (and TV shows) that have had appearences by three-wheelers.
#3: New Trikefest 05 Page. Not much info, link to a post on the forum with the dates and other information.
#4: Made a few additions to the Tri-Z Picture Page.
#5: Added some more Ads
#6: A new section calledFuturistic Trikes has been launched. Its mainly for graphicly edited/created concept Threewheelers. Not much on there now but there will be soon.

Thats all I got. More as it comes in.

Billy ____________________________________________________________________

12-23-04 Yeah Yeah Yeah I know, get off your butt and update the site you lazy bumb. Well here it is:

#1: Quite a few new Readers Rigs on page 26 and 26. Some cool machines on there.
#2: Alot of new stuff on the Action Photos page. Big Red in a rock quary, and another Big red in the snow with dual tires.
#3: Made an addition to the Tech Tips Page. It is small guide to Spark Plugs.
#4: Made a few additions to the Links Page. NGK USA (Spark plug maker) and SullivanX, sellls dirtbike/trike ect parts on ebay.
#5: Added some more pictures (and Finished) Jon Polo's ATC70 Restoration. Turned out really well, very clean 70 he has ended up with.
#6: A new comedy column, called Super Junky has been launched. It is not for serious inquiries or problems. It might be a little bit graphic so dont read it unless your ready to :-)
#7: Made a new page for the Trikefest 04 Media. Within the next week or two I hope to have buttons added to the page where you can order directly off the site through paypal. If your interested in some Trikfest 04 pictures or video, check it out.

Merry Christmas everyone, hope it turns out good for you and your family.

Billy ____________________________________________________________________

Previous Updates:

11-21-04 Evening, been a while since I did and update so heres what we got:

#1: A few Readers Rigs on page 25 and 26.
#2: Alot of new stuff on the Action Photos page
#3: Made an addition to the Service Manuals Page. It is the parts breakdown for the 85-86 350x.

Few other announcements to make. TimSr has the Trikefest 04 Photo CD and Movie all completed, Click Here For more information. If you attended, you'll for sure want to pickup the video and Photo CD so you can show the trip to all your friends. The photo Disc has around 500 pictures on it and is a compilation of pictures from several different people that were there during the weekend, so you get a pretty broad range of pictures. The video is almost an hour and a half long, with footage from the Drag race, the MX, and even some of the fireworks. Anyways, checkout the link above for more info.

Billy ____________________________________________________________________

Hey guys, a few updates this evening.

#1: A few Readers Rigs on page 25.
#2: Added a new link on the Links Page
#3: Added a new "Videos" Section with a 1985 Honda commercial.
#4: Made an addition to the Service Manuals Page. It is a handy little specs reference book in .pdf form. Thank waterpumper for that one!

And also there is SOME BIG NEWS! Howdy has the Trikefest 05 date announced, Mark your calenders and clear it with the boss! Click Here For more information! Drag racing guantlets are already being set, so you don't want to miss out on it. Thats all for this weekend, more as it comes in.

Billy ____________________________________________________________________

Sorry for the lack of updates lately guys. I've been so screwed up with all these hurricanes and a bunch of other stuff. I had no intentions In getting this far behind, but it just happens sometimes. Sorry. Anyways, heres what we got.

#1: Bunch of new Readers Rigs on pages 24 and 25.
#2: Added a new link on the Links Page
#3: Added a new Action photo on Page 5
#4: Made an addition to Jon Polo's Restoration Page

I've got some mag articles, and service manual stuff I was going to do this update but I had some problems getting it uploaded on the site so I couldn't this time. Hopefully next time everything will be sorted out and I can get them up and working.

Billy ____________________________________________________________________


Gotta load of stuff this go around!:

#1: Added the 85 Yamaha Tri-Z to the Ads page.
#2: Added the 86 Yamaha Tri-Z to the Ads page, both compliments of CHAINSAW.
#3: Made an addition to the 87 ATC's Page
#4: Added the "Make your own Jimmy White Replica Racer" manual to the Mag Articles Page
#5: Several new machines on Page 24 of the Readers Rigs.
#6: Added a Tech Tip for the 350x.
#7: Added a new Restoration page by Louis Mielke on an ATC500R project.

Also something else very important I need to point out, COOKIES ATC350x was stolen from his carport Monday the 30th, read about it here. The trike has Aluminum MX bars, IMS plastic gas tank, white Maier rear fender, red Maier tank super scoops, blue non OEM fork boots, brand new OEM tool box and tool kit, the head pipe on the X-cellerator exhaust was ceramic coated, the rear axle anti fade nut was brand new, the front tire was a 24" not the OEM 23.5", although it was the stock tread type, DG aluminum swing arm skid plate, and a DG aluminum rear grab bar. This trike was stolen in the Cameron Park, California area. If you live close, please keep an eye out at your local riding area for this described trike with the VIN #JH3TE0805GM101639. Lets help him try and recover it.

Some other not quite as critical news, Blazerone22 from the forums has been in contact with a guy from LRD racing and he seemed to show an interest in doing some pistons for all those old aircooled 300 kits for the 250R's, and even pipes if a demand was found for them. If your interested, checkout This Thread for more information.

Also, fellow 3WW forums member harvick2970 was working on a custom diecast NASCAR model and he outfitted the hood with a 3Wheelerworld sticker, Check it out! Pretty slick looking if I might say so myself

Thats all for this weekend, have a nice holiday!

Billy ____________________________________________________________________

Recent Update:


This weekends updates are:

#1: Readers Rigs page 23
#2: Action Photos page 5
#3: Jon Polo's Restoration page
#4: Montgomery Ward T555 page

Next update will be quite large and there will be several new service manuals, magazine ads, and an addition to the quest for 87's page.

Billy ____________________________________________________________________


ALL KINDS of new stuff this week!

#1: Several new Readers rigs on Page 22 & Page 23
#2: Brand new page with digital versions of many Yamaha three-wheeler service manuals, checkout the Service Manuals Page
#3: Added several photos to Page 04 & Page 05 Action Photos.
#4: Made a few additions to the '81 Kawasaki Specs page along with the '83 Kawasaki Specs page
#5: Jon Polo sent me in a picture of his parts after they came back from the powder coater on his 73 ATC70 Restoration
#6: Found a cool tip on the forum from CHAINSAW about sanding plastics, so I added that to the Tech Tips page.

Also got a few other announcements to make. Howdy still has several Trikefest 04 T-shirts left over in various sizes. If you want to get in on some of those, Checkout this link. He's also still got many stickers left, We'll have a page up showing the designs soon but in the meantime you can Email Howdy if you want some.

Speaking of stickers, We're going to have a "3Wheeler World Chat Trivia" in the chatroom at 9:00PM EST on Wednesday the 4th. I will ask 2 official questions (These will be vary hard and will test even the biggest 3wheeler buff's IQ). The person(s) who come up with the correct answer will get some free 3ww stickers! The rules are simple, I will give 10minute, 5 minute, and 1 minute warnings. When I ask the question, you are allowed to make ONE answer until everyone in the chatroom has already had a chance. The first person on my screen with the correct answer is the winner. I will be typing up some "Official Rules" and linking to them from the chat page, so make sure you checkout that out and understand how everything works out.

Thats it for this week, Hope to see you in chat on trivia night, better get practiced up!

Billy ____________________________________________________________________

This week we got a new restore page from Jon Polo, new readers rigs, and several new action photos.

Also, if you happen to be in the Central Point Oregon area and have a 350X, you need to checkout this thread to see about getting a PRM frame skid plate made.

Thats it for this weekend. Next weekend I'll have some service manual and part break downs for many of the Yamaha three-wheelers thanks to Bruce (350xinNY). Along with the 2nd day of my Trikefest Diary written.

Billy ____________________________________________________________________


Heres a before the weekend update for you guys.

#1: Completed my "Diary of Trikefest 04" Day One page.
#2: Added some new Pictures on Action Photos Page 4
#3: Made a correction for a link on the wiring diagrams page.
#4: Added some pictures to Readers Rigs Page 22.
#5: Added a link to the Q&A with Dean Kirsten
#6: Added a link to Mobular's Trike Registry

Also I need to mention that if you attended Trikefest 04 you really need to send your pictures into TimSr so we can get the CD's done up. Check This Post for more information. It doesn't matter whether you have one picture or one hundred, send them in!

Ever seen a ATC70 with a 200X engine? Didn't think so, Check this out!. Towards the bottom of the page you will see a picture of the 200x cases, and how they have been machined to use a lay down cylinder design. This is definetly of the coolest mods I've ever seen, especially considering this engine goes into an ATC70!

I Guess thats about all for this week, Send it in if you got it!

Billy ____________________________________________________________________


Heres another update:

Bunch of new Readers Rigs, finished up page 21 and well into page 22 now.

Also I added ATV Sport Magazine to our links page since they featured us in their September 2004 issue (Should be on shelves soon if you don't have a subscription). They were good enough to feature us in their magazine so be cool and buy their mag! Other then the fact we're in it, theres also a cool article on a backwards Yamaha Raptor three-wheeler that is street legal. Cool read, definetly should pick it up if you get the chance.

In other news, the Trikefest04 CD is in development now. For those of you who don't know about the TF CD, its a collection of all the pictures and video taken compiled into one (Or in this case more then likely multiple) discs. Great way to go back and look through all the pictures and video. I'm also working on a recap of the whole weekend from my point view, going to be pretty long so it might not be ready by the next update but I am working on it. I think thats really about it...catch you next time.

Billy ____________________________________________________________________


Holy Cow, First update back from Trikfest. Firstly I gotta say that place and the whole event was friggen AWESOME, I cannot wait until next year. Finally got to meet all the cool dudes I've been chatting and posting with for years on end. Gotta give some shoutouts to John Swinehart for the kickass and a half food, Thanks John! Tri-Z_Jim for the tour of the Devils Backbone and showing me the woods, TimSr for putting on the highlight of the whole trip for me-the threewheeled motocross race, Howdy for the whole damn thing-The guy is awesome, 'Holic for letting me ride his oldschool R, 452x for the sweet fireworks show, MIK6 for letting us his inverter to run my dremel, ALL of the Haspin Acres management including Pete, really cool people. Gotta just Say Hey to Bill "The Finger" XR, Nate "Trike", Virgil "3WheelsForever", Marco "Hagen", Bruce "350xinNY", Jay "jatv250/2strokepower", Mike "mike from long island", YTZ250#1, 200Xman, ScottZJ, Waterpumper, Howard, All the other cool dudes I met and talked with. Definetly one of the best weekends I've ever spent riding. I spent about 15 hours in the truck for the trip with 2 other friends but it was worth every minute of the ride. If you didn't make it, You really don't know what your missing out on, you have to come and experience it first hand. I really do appreciate every person that showed up, it was very cool. This was my first year attending but I can assure you I'll be back for every other one in the future!

This weekends update has:

#1: Bunch of new Readers Rigs on page 21
#2: A Whole slew of new Action Photos on page 3
#3: Edited a page on Mymint87's ATC110 restoration to reflect it being a Nick Nicholson frame.
#4: Added some more Commentary to the Search for the 88 ATCs Page along with a link to yet another 88 thanks to atcmatt!
#4: Added a link to the Haspin Acres website to the links page, also corrected a link.

Thats about it. If you got something you want on here send it to and I'll get it up on here.

Billy ____________________________________________________________________


Last update before Trikefest guys, Its getting close, REALLY close. Hope everyone gets all their machines together in time and has a good safe trip there and back without any accidents. I will be leaving around 4:00AM Thursday morning with 2 friends. Going to take lots of pictures (And video, too hopefully!). Anyways, heres a little something for those of you who aren't going to digest while everyone else is going to be gone. Those of your that are going...well, if your reading this, you've got less to do then me!

#1: 4 new readers rigs, on Pages 20, and 21

Thats all there is until after Trikefest. I should be back home late Monday night, Tuesday morning. Cya guys there!


Time for an update!

All new Quest for the 88 ATCs page!

2 new trikes on page 20 of the Readers Rigs

One new Photo on Action Photos page 3.

HRC Factory racer Tracey Dickson made a post on the forum in This thread. The previous 15 pages of posts were from and to the former Publisher of "3Wheeling" magazine, Dean Kirsten. Very, Very cool read.

If your planning on going to Trikfest, you really need to Contact Us and let us know the names of the people in your party so that you can be a part of the group discount. Howdy is cutting this off on the 28th of this month, so don't dilly dally around any! You can also check out This Accouncement for more information. Its getting really close guys, current count is around 55 confirmed expected people. The headcount on the spot is almost always bigger then this, so I'm figuring when it all comes down to it we'll have around 70 people. Should be a blast!

Crossing off the days!

Billy ____________________________________________________________________


Well not a whole lot to update the main page with, but some things I need to mention before I get on with whats been updated this week.

Number one is the fact the Trikefest is only a little over a month away, WOOOOHOOO!!!

Number two is our Canadian friends are holding their own TF: Ontario, you can check for more details At This thread on the forum. This will be held on August 27-29th. So if your in the Ontario area, mark your calender!

Number three is, we've migrated the forum over to some new software called vBulletin. This is definetly a little different then the old one, but it requires alot less maintence then the old one. Which means I can spend more time updating and working on the site. The days of me screwing around on the forum trying to learn to be a programmer are gone, YES!

Now heres whats been done on the site this week:

#1: WIRING DIAGRAMS for almost every trike ever made thanks to Howdy and hrc200x, SWEET!
#2: One new readers rigs on Page 20
#3: Some 1983 ATC70 and ATC110 playing cards added to the '83 Honda Brochure pages.

Thats it, enjoy!

Billy ____________________________________________________________________


Man, busy busy busy. Just can't seem to hardley find time to take a breather lately, but I'm taking one now. I sit down now and work on my website 3WW, after a full day of riding, drinking an ice cold Pepsi can it get any better?

#1: New restoration page by mymint 87. This was a really cool project you should checkout. Not to often now a days you have the chance of seeing an aftermarket framed ATC110 while its being restored.
#2: One new picture, and a new scan of the Over the Bars article on the Tiger 80 page. #3: One new picture on Readers Rigs page 20
#4: Two new pictures on the third page of Action Photos
#5: I also have some very awesome information concerning the Cagiva threewheelers, Let me assure you guys, Information will be coming right from "The Horses Mouth", I'll let you figure it out
#6: Picture added to The Husky page.

Happy Easter weekend everyone!

Billy ____________________________________________________________________


Been a couple weeks since any updates, hasn't really been anything to update with. I finally got enough to do it, and since I won't be around this coming weekend I figured I might as well do it during the middle of the week. Here's what we got:

#1: One new addition to the Parts Page.
#2: Several new additions to the Third page of Action Photos.
#3: Retraction from Readers Rigs Page 12.
#4: Retraction from Tiger 80 Page.
#5: Retraction from Scanned Mag' Articles.
#6: Three additions to Readers Rigs page 20.
#7: Additions to the Taurus Page.
#8: Corrections to the specs on the '85 Yamaha Specs page.

Billy ____________________________________________________________________


Some Sweet stuff this evening.

#1: Several new Readers Rigs on page 19 and 20, all are real sharp machines. The 2 R's are extremely clean.

#2: Added one new picture to the Action Photos Page 3.

Also, some topics of interest on the forum:

350x just might be a 87
Another Vintage Motorsports resto 1970 US90 Parrot green pic
TRI-Z New Pics
TF_04' Headcount

Thats got it for this weekend.

Billy ____________________________________________________________________


Ok, Heres how it goes this weekend:

#1: Sticker votes have been tallied. The 3 most popular go in this order: Sticker Design #4, Sticker Design #19 and Sticker Design #31. We will be contacting several places to get quotes on getting these printed early next week. Once something deffintive is set you will for sure know. I'm just as axious to get some of these as you guys!

#2: I replaced the "Updates: blah blah blah" part on top of each page with a neat little Javascript that counts down the days till Haspin. Right now it reads 95, maybe be a bit of a constant reminder for you guys.

#3: Added 2 Articles to the "Scanned Mag Articles" page from ATV News about when the Government and the ATV Industry settled and decided not to sell or make anymore new trikes. A good interesting read. Thanks goes out to Randy for sending that in.

#4: Added a link to the parts page.

Thats it for this weekend.

Billy ____________________________________________________________________


Fellow readers of 3WW, this weekends update has:

#1: 2 new Readers Rigs on Page 19
#2: Updated a link on the links page
#3: Did a little more writing on the "Quest for the 87s" page.

Thats it, updates been slim lately. I'm going to tally the sticker votes next weekend, 56 so far. I estimate another 4-5 between now and next Sunday.

Billy ____________________________________________________________________


This weekends update includes 2 new Readers Rigs on page 19, and thats about it.

More next weekend.

HondaATC (The Web Monkey) ____________________________________________________________________


Got back Thursday evening from my vacation, was good to get away a bit. Sorry for the not not exactly regularly timed update, but I upgraded to a new computer and had to get everything all set back up, still working out a few bugs on my end but I think I got it all mostly solved.

Anyways, This (last weekends) update is small. It consists of:
#1: Three new Readers Rigs added to Readers Rigs page 19

#2: Couple of riding pictures added to the Action Photos page 3 from Virgil (3WheelsForever)

This new computer I have has the firewire capability to capture videos, with it I hope to show the footage that was sent to me of the possible 87 ATC250R. Might be the the start of a "Videos" Section some of you have asked about before. So thats something to look forward to. Also the sticker votes have been going extremely well, I've got 46 votes from individual people. If you haven't voted already, I encourage you to checkout the "Sticker Designs" link to the upper right and decide which 3 designs you like best, and then email them to me. I also removed all the old previous updates on the main index file (This page) and moved them to another one to hopefully speed up how fast the page loads. The old updates can still be at the link below. Next update will return to the regularly scheduled time (Sunday evening). Cya next week.


Good evening fellow trikers, HondaATC is away this weekend so I thought I would jump in and do at least a little updating:

#1: Updated the Taurus Page. I added some Specifications and a Complete brochure.
#2: Updated the Polaris 3 Wheeler Page. Added a Magazine Article / Review.
#2: Updated the Polaris Spec's Page. Added most of the missing Spec's.



#1: A new picture added to the Tiger 125 Page
#2: A new picture added to the Tiger 200 Page
#3: Added 2 new Readers Rigs. One to page 18 And another to page 19.

Pretty small update, but a good update nonetheless. I want to remind everyone to go to the sticker page and email me the top three designs you want so that when the time comes we can get some made. I will also be out of town next weekend, hopefully back in time to update on the weekend of the 7th-8th.

HondaATC (The WebMonkey)


Pretty small update compared to last weeks. Couple of new Action Photos on Page 3.
A new Photo Added to the 185s picture page.
Created a page with some minor Haspin (Home of Trikefest 02,03, & 04) This information includes a link to Howdys brochure, the Haspin Acres website, and an aerial photograph of the park. Might interest those of you planning on attending.
Added some Tiger 125 pictures
One new Readers Rigs to page 18
A couple of links
And I finally got all of the sticker designs together for one page, check it out here. Full explanation of the voting process is provided on that page.

Happy Trails!

HondaATC (The WebMonkey)


1-11-04 Wow, Lots of new stuff for this week. So much infact, that I decided I would save some for next week. If you sent some stuff in and it didn't get on the site this week, don't worry I just wanted to get all I could done and uploaded tonight before the day is over. If I didn't catch you this week I will get you next week. Heres this weeks updates:

#1: 9 new Additions to the Scanned Mag Articles Page
#2: 1 new Addition to the Links page
#3: Added new information and pictures to the Tiger80 Page
#4: Created and Added information to the new Tiger 125 Page
#5: Added some Information to the Tiger 200 page
#6: Re-arranged and added a LOAD of Photos to the Back In The Day Page
#7: Added two new Readers Rigs to page 18
#8: Added a few new Action Photos to the Action Photos Page 2 and made Page 3
#9: Added a list of Chat Commands to the Chat page
#10: Added two new Photos to the Cagiva page, and also added some new information

All in all 25+ pages uploaded tonight between new ones and edited pages together. I have in store for next week, some scanned pictures out of DirtWheels, Probably more Scanned Mag Articles, Readers Rigs, Action Photos to be expected like always, and maybe a couple of other goodies as well. I usually enjoy updating but man this was actually work to get this one done so you better enjoy it! Cya next week.

HondaATC (The WebMonkey)


1-04-04 Well hello fellow threewheeler enthusiasts, and welcome to the year 2004! I took a 2 week vacation for the Holidays but tonight the updates will continue as previously scheduled. Heres what we got:

#1: 5 new Readers Rigs added to Page 18
#2: Added some new information to the Tiger 4 page
#3: Went through and cleaned out all the dead links on the Links page, Also added one new one.
#4: Added some new Action Photos on Page 2 from WickedFinger
#5: Added a Honda 250SX first test Magazine Article to the Scanned 'Mag Articles page thanks to Waterpumper. Should have some new ones from Jeb next week too.
#6: And last but not least, the 5th is coincidently 3WW's 5th birthday. I have written a special page to try and reflect the past 5 years of the site as accuretly as possible. This page can be viewed here.

Thats all for this week guys, enjoy!

HondaATC (The WebMonkey)


12-21-03 This weeks Update (And the final one before Christmas!) Includes the following:

#1: 4 New Readers Rigs. This finished up page 17 and started page 18. This brings us to over a 170 Readers Rigs on the site, Whoa!
#2: One new Article Added to the Tech Tips about Tuning your SuperTrapp exhaust, Compliments of hrc200x!
#3: Glenn J sent in a translated version of the page that the second TRX200X picture was found on, Awesome!

Thats it for this week. Might take a week off between now and New Years also, depends on how many updates I get between now and then. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas Everyone. Best wishes on a threewheeler under that Christmas tree, hehe.

HondaATC (The WebMonkey)


12-15-03 My apologies for not getting the update done last night like usual, had to watch the season finale of Survivor . This weeks update is fairly small, Heres what we got:

#1: Added one new Readers Rigs to page 17
#2: Added one new link to the Links Page
#3: Added one picture of some cool ATC70's to the ATC70 picture pages
#4: Added two new photos to the Tiger 4 page.

Thats concludes this weeks update.

HondaATC (The WebMonkey)


12-07-03 Good evening fellow riders, Heres what this weekends update consists of:

#1: All new FULL SIZE ENGLISH 87 ATC's BROCHURE! Thank waterpumper, He's da man! I also did a little re-arranging on the page and re-typed a few things on it.
#2: Added some more information to the Tiger 4 page. Mostly things that were noticed while studying the pictures.
#3: Some specs corrections for the ATC70 and Big Red 250.
#4: Some new Readers Rigs on page 17.
#5: LOTS of new Action Photos courtesy of NOS_350X, and Dustin. This Brings us to the second page of Action Photos.
#6: Some new Tri-Z pictures on the Pictures page.
#7: Updated Gary Guru's Tecate restoration page.

The time frame for submitting a design in the 3WW sticker post is coming up pretty soon.

Thats wraps it up for this weekends update.

HondaATC (The WebMonkey)


11-27-03 Happy Turkey Day! Hope everyone is enjoying their food, and if they've already ate I know your probably so stuffed you have a hard time breathing. This is actually last weekends update, but I had some family and friends in town and didn't get the chance to work on the site. We've got some new Tiger 4 pictures, ATC 70, ATC110, YTM175 pictures added to the Picture pages, One new Action Photo, 4 readers rigs, and some specs corrections. Almost forgot, The brochure for Trikefest '04 is now up. You can check it out by going to the "4th Trikfest" link over to the right, or at this link Thats about it. Also, if you noticed I changed the top banner to reflect that we're getting close to Christmas. Hope everyone is enjoying their Thanksgiving, have a good weekend.

HondaATC (The WebMonkey)


11-16-03 Whoa!! Talk about a load of updates, I think I hit the record for the most stuff sent in a week, awesome! Heres what this weekends update consists of:

#1 Some new information added to the Quest for the 87 ATC's page!
#2 A FULL PAGE of new Readers rigs!
#3 One new Action photo added to the Action Photo's page.
#4 Corrected The Team page to display Howdy's picture correctly.
#5 Added some Tiger 500 pictures to the Tiger 500 page!
#6 Added one new picture to the Yamaha Tri-Z picture page.
#7 Added one picture of 2 cool 70's to the Honda ATC70 Picture page (They should be on the readers rigs next week).

BUT, THATS NOT ALL! We're talking about making up some 3WW stickers on the forum, and we want your input. If you've got a crafty hand or know how to run an graphics program then by all means please submit your sticker design In this topic. We've got some pretty darn cool ones so far, but the plan is to put a poll here on the site that'll let everyone vote on which one they like the best. Go ahead and check it out now!

HondaATC (The WebMonkey)


11-09-03 This weekends update includes 3 new Readers Rigs (Which will be the end of page 15, Page 16 will start with any new submissions).

The Trikfest date has been picked, and it will be the dates of June 3-6th of 2004. Go ahead and mark your calenders now, and get it ok'd with your work. The brochure is still in the works but it should be done real soon, I'll of course post the link to it when its finished.

I was browsing the web, and happened to run across a page that had some cool looking trikes on them. They are Here Also check out this sweet ATC70.

That concludes this weekends updates, hope everyone had a good weekend.

HondaATC (The WebMonkey)


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