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Super Junky's Column

Before we begin, I would like to comment that this is a new addition to the site due to some recent transpiring events with a well known figure in the dirtbike world who has voiced his opinon against threewheelers . Usually, I would refrain from such childish and immature things, but I'm gonna make an exception in this case, hehe.
Nothing on this page is to be taken literally, it is totally satire and for comic relief only, do not read if you are easily offended by swearing, or anything that is not politicly correct.

Warning! The following pages can (and will) contain vulgarity and totally stupid antics that might not be approved by everyone. Continue on and read at your own risk. This is the only part of 3WW that is this way, And as mentioned above it is for comedic releif only, it is a joke. Please don't take any of it seriously. With that being said...

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