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  • Login issues, server crashes

    Hey guys, we are still having some issues with logins and server crashing we are trying to track down. Right now there is an issue where about every half hour, 45 minutes, the server processing power is getting hung up and maxing itself out, and thereby being unable to serve any content to anybody requesting. The other issue, seems to be the logins. I'm currently locked out of my AdminCP, and have a trouble ticket pending with vBulletin. I am also experiencing issues logging into the site itself, using the login box at the very top right corner. Y

    You may type your login information into it, and then have the page reload with it empty again. This has been happening to me too. HOWEVER, if you go to another page, or click on the forum link, your then shown as logged in. I don't know why its acting this way. You may try clearing your entire internet cache and deleting your login cookies to see if that helps. You might also alternatively use the www.3wheelerworld.com or www.3wheelerworldforums.com main address. Try opposite of what ever you have been using.

    I'll keep working to find a solution to the issues.
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