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  • 1986 Brawley Fairgrounds oval short-track race!

    Check out this oldschool video.1986 Brawley fairgrounds oval. Features Jimmy White, Brett Driscoll, Marty Hart, and some other big names. Honda 250Rs, Kawasaki Tecates, and Yamaha Tri-Zs. Some of the best vintage race footage I've seen so far.




    Compliments of Mike Hallet!!!
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    1. hang&rattle's Avatar
      hang&rattle -
      I love these 3 video's. I have them saved on my favorites. I can just really feel the era. And those were fast races. I watch em' and lose myself back into the bosom of the 80's....Then I have to come back to the future of 2011-yuck. (<Heck, that was almost poetic, lol.) Thanks for putting them up for all to see, now, tell us about it please.-
    1. lazybiker79's Avatar
      lazybiker79 -
      Great videos.. thank you for posting
    1. BWard's Avatar
      BWard -
      Someone else has some on youtube, I was racing, with a friend, I heard his name and then it was the end of the video. i never taped or photod many races
    1. RapidRick's Avatar
      RapidRick -
      Actually it's the Imperial County Fairgrounds in Imperial, Ca. I was there.
    1. BenSchlimme's Avatar
      BenSchlimme -
      I raced one of those events and actually led a lap or 2 before Marty blew by me, but that was on 4-wheels so maybe was '87.

      Think Steve Wright promoted it.

      Can't wait to watch the videos off of the work PC.

      I remember the track having such crazy jumps that there were a lot of racers wanting to boycott the event.

      May have a picture or 2 from it if I can dig them up.
    1. sweetip2000's Avatar
      sweetip2000 -
      These 2 strokers are totally sick. I had a Suzuki RM 125 and that bike threw me like a rag doll. I could just image 250cc on 3 wheels. Anyone know where original film footage home made videos are on you tube from 1980's ? I think they were using VHS camcorders back then ? Anyway thank for posting these awesome vidz. A real treat.
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