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  • The Popular Auto-X Conversion...Done Right!

    Check out this mean machine bumsted200s put together. What started as a 1985 Honda ATC200X frame and a bunch of extra parts he had laying around, he decided to put together a "weekend warrior trail rider". Using a Honda 185S motor (as typical with most Auto-X conversions, which also can use 200S engines since they are nearly identical), put a .040" piston in it and built it to mostly stock specs. The machine also got new wheels, a pipe and some other upgrades and "go fast" goodies. However, unlike most builds which are typically thrown together quickly and beaten on hard on the weekends, he went the extra mile to make his bike stand out in the looks department. Sticking with a stock color scheme for 1985 model ATC's, the machine got a new seat cover as well as Maier aftermarket "Super Shroud" gas tank shrouds, a 3rd generation ATC250R front fender and many other goodies. You can check out his build, view more pictures and comment by clicking here.
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