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  • Shortline10's Dickson ATC90/110 Rear Suspended Build!

    Way back in October of '09, member shortline10 picked up an interesting frame...one not since since the early days of three wheeling and very much aftermarket. It turned out to be a Dickson Design and Development frame, designed to add a rear shock to Honda's ATC 90 and 110 models which is a big upgrade for the machines otherwise known as "hardtails" providing better handling, more rider comfort and built specifically for racing, if you were willing to build the machine. This one has a 12" shock out back and an ATC90 engine stroked to 180cc's. We definitely wanted to highlight this unique build. It's definitely a standout piece! Check the out the full build thread here.
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    1. Joseph Farrow's Avatar
      Joseph Farrow -
      Definitely a build worth highlighting.
    1. Jwheeler's Avatar
      Jwheeler -
      Nice looking trike Mike !!!!!!!!!!
    1. Jwheeler's Avatar
      Jwheeler -
      Very sweet trike.Mike builds some sweet rides.
    1. slashfan7964's Avatar
      slashfan7964 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Joseph Farrow View Post
      Definitely a build worth highlighting.
      Definitely, and we'll be looking for more builds like this to highlight in the future.
    1. ericshelton's Avatar
      ericshelton -
      Awesome build
    1. bmclaren's Avatar
      bmclaren -
      I picked up what I believe is an early front suspension for a Atc 90. It has PCCC and Santa Clara stamped in the top plate. It was on a Atc 110. Anyone know more about it? Thanks.
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