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  • Welcome, to 3WHeeLeR WoRLD version 3.0!

    First off, I'd like to thank everyone for their patience during this upgrade!

    This has been in the works, inside my head, for such a long time it is hard to even describe . For years I've wanted to find some what to combine the camaraderie and knowledge of our forum into a powerful database of information that would easily be accessible for new comers and old timers desiring to find something without searching through a myriad of threads in the forum. I wanted a way to get the wealth of information on the main page that we all spent so much time collecting and keeping track of into a modern system. In the past years I've tried a half a dozen different programs to get the level of integration I desired. Nothing was ever able to make me feel good and right about it. Myself and a team of other members spent months working on and setting up another site somewhat similar to this powered by Joomla. It never worked out because we were all unhappy with the formatting, the way the content had to be inputted, everything was so frustrating.

    Then, I found out that vBulletin was nearing the release of this new suite. I checked into it, and knew INSTANTLY this is what we should be running our community and website on. Howdy, took one look at it, and concurred. Right before Halloween of this year I installed a private test beta copy of the software and began experimenting with it. I've spent many hours learning this new system and design and its functionality. I am convinced that this change will propel the success and renown of this community to new heights we have not even imagined. It is different, and may take some adjustment in getting use to, but I am confident that everyone will soon appreciate the power and capabilities we have here now.

    There are so many new features here, I can't possibly explain all of them in depth or detail. You guys will have some fun exploring and figuring out everything too I'm sure. Enjoy it! If you get stuck on anything or have a question, feel free to post it in the Site/Feedback forum and I'll try my best to figure it out for you.

    In the mean time, the articles on the main page here, may be a little bit low in #s. The old website can still be reached with the "3WW Classic" button at the top of every page. Other members and myself will begin working on importing and re-writing all of the content from the old site with the primary goals in mind being: professionalism, accuracy, and ease of finding what you need. This will be an on-going process and will likely take many months, but it should be exciting for everyone to be able to read the articles as we are re-doing and publishing them. The front-page will DEFINITELY be busy in the coming time period.

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    1. Billy Golightly's Avatar
      Billy Golightly -
      http://www.3wheelerworld.com/showthr...eelerworld-com If anyone has any comments, fell free to post them there on the forum or you can do it here in the comment box as well
    1. dcreel's Avatar
      dcreel -
      Thanks Billy and the mod team. I feel like i just moved into a bigger house. I'm a little lost but I'm slowly figuring things out.
    1. rdlsz24's Avatar
      rdlsz24 -
      Cool the site looks great. I have been checking it all day here at work waiting for it to be back up.Rob
    1. TrailerRider's Avatar
      TrailerRider -
      God I am a 3ww junkie. It is really sad..lol I had to have checked to see if it was up atleast 100 times today. Thank god it is backup now!
    1. Dammit!'s Avatar
      Dammit! -
      Just wanted to say w0000t!
    1. hadar's Avatar
      hadar -
      Real nice work, looks sweet.
    1. CRAZY70MAN's Avatar
      CRAZY70MAN -
      lost as well but shall get the hang of it??? Future..........look to the future my 3 wheeled one!!
    1. Kintore's Avatar
      Kintore -
      looks AWESOME billy!
    1. Side Wayz's Avatar
      Side Wayz -
      Nicely done, I,m sure every1 will appreciate the time and effort of the team and you, as much as I do.Thanks.
    1. Thorpe's Avatar
      Thorpe -
      Awesome upgrade Billy! You the man!
    1. tecat-z's Avatar
      tecat-z -
      Quote Originally Posted by Thorpe View Post
      Awesome upgrade Billy! You the man!
      Thanks to all who made this upgrade possible. Now i just have to become familiar with all the newness..
    1. HondaTrike's Avatar
      HondaTrike -
      Woohoo! finally got the forum up eh? nice very nice. im new to this forum thing and three wheelers in general. Thank you in advance for any advice and help given.
    1. HondaTrike's Avatar
      HondaTrike -
      is this where i can post on a thread? or post a forum. id like to ask how to clean a carb, but im not sure where to go to post it, other than on here. can anyone lend a hand let me know what i need to do. id like to get some feedback thats all. a little advice.
    1. RacerRichie's Avatar
      RacerRichie -
      SWEET!!!! Nice job guys! I understand the hard work that goes into a project like this. I am looking forward to exploring the new site and setup!
    1. Billy Golightly's Avatar
      Billy Golightly -
      Quote Originally Posted by HondaTrike View Post
      is this where i can post on a thread? or post a forum. id like to ask how to clean a carb, but im not sure where to go to post it, other than on here. can anyone lend a hand let me know what i need to do. id like to get some feedback thats all. a little advice.

      Up at the top, under the green banner. The word forum, second from the left. Click on that, and then click on the apporpriate forum (Probably Trikesylvania) and then click on the new post button
    1. Hoosier_Daddy's Avatar
      Hoosier_Daddy -
      Wow. Very cool! this site feels very professional. Nice job on the upgrade, guys.
    1. johnny's X's Avatar
      johnny's X -
      yup liking this!!!!!!!!1
    1. shortline10's Avatar
      shortline10 -
      Great job on the new site Billy .
    1. ditchmud's Avatar
      ditchmud -
      Great Job!!!!!!!!
    1. Thorpe's Avatar
      Thorpe -
      The more I cruise the new site, the more I like it... This is nothing short of AWESOME... Thankyou Billy, and all the Mods... I truly appreciate all your hard work!
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