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  • Proposed content for the "Cool Stuff" Section

    Links Page:

    * Clean up, totally re-organize. Check for dead links. Replace them. Add at least 20 new 3wheeler related webpage links to the already existing list. Possibly further categorize into personal, commercial (aftermarket companies), etc if there is interest.

    3Wheeler Poem:

    * Create a stand-alone article for this page. No subsection or categories needed. Might include a few editorial comments before and after it just as a freshen up for some of the content.

    Kearney Yamaha:

    * Create stand-alone article for this page as above. Re-edit and narrate as needed. Howdy had a bunch of extra pictures of this place but I'm not sure what happened with them.

    Readers Rigs:

    * Probably will need to create a new subsection for this. Possible arrangement by date of publishing? Rebuild table of requirements for the information for submissions. Possibly try to integrate a way of people uploading their own pictures and write-ups (Would have to be permission based, something for me to check into)

    Trikes In Movies:

    * Re-organize. Re-write. No need for subsection or categories, stand-alone page will be adequate.


    * Link to the new 3WW Youtube channel we will have setup. Move existing videos over to the new channel. Is there a way for other youtube users to put videos in our 3WW channel? That'd be cool if there was.


    * Rebuild, completely re-organize. Possibly consider a subsection for just plain photos (like some of 's and other sand-dune and similar such pictures) as well as a Graphically Altered section for stuff like my header picture I have and the ones that are already there. I will crank out a few others to help out.

    3WW Team

    * Transition into more of a history page of the site, the people that have helped out the most on it, its influences on modern day trike riding, etc.
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