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  • The 3-wheeler poem, "Ode to the Trike"

    This was originally written by a member of the old message board, Chris Palmer back around the year 2000. It resonated with many of us at the time, and we felt it necessary to re-print it on the main site where it would be much more visible. We now bring it to the new design, in un-edited form. Enjoy.

    By Christopher L. Palmer
    Lots of negative comments from various people compelled me to write this little poem. Not Longfellow by a long stretch but here it is.
    Later, Chris

    ĎOde to the Trikeí

    by Chris Palmer

    They say my bikeís a relic of days long since past
    That itís best times are over, and really not all that fast
    They say that itís too risky, why would you ride that thing?
    Donít you know one day, youíll be in a body sling?

    Isnít that thing illegal, didnít Uncle Sam say stop?
    Didnít they already throw in the towel, and call that thing a flop?
    The chassis cut in half with a torch, the motor pulled and stashed
    You say you did me a favor, stopping me before I crashed

    The magic, pride, joy, and thrill that Iíve had over the years
    Will never be forgotten just because of somebodyís fears
    1 wheel, 2 wheels, 3 wheels or 4
    How you ride it means much more

    You said that things were better now, felt like you were in heaven
    Since all those blasted 3 wheel machines died in Ď87
    Yet here I remain in the saddle of my infamous atc
    Just to remind you that you didnít get the better of me

    Although my bike is unstable as you would like to say
    I couldnít imagine myself riding in any other way
    You say that Iíll regret it, that I must not be too keen
    All youíre really admitting is that you donít know how to ďleanĒ

    You tell me 4 wheels are better, that itís a safer way to ride
    Iíll try to keep that in mind my friend, the next time I roost your hide
    You say 4 wheels are superior, modern marvels of the time
    You just keep on thinking that when you see me turn on a dime

    Banshees, warriors, blasters, and the ultimate raptor rule?
    You go ahead and pay 5 grand, and youíll look really cool
    I choose Tri-Zís, 350Xís, tecateís, and 250rís
    To me they are and will remain the true shining stars

    Scoff, laugh, and jester all you like about my toy
    Say itís a joke, a pansy ride, built for a little boy
    One day youíll see me fly past you, in a blurry flash of light
    With roost on your head and dust in your eyes youíll realize that Iím right

    To those of you whoíll join me, to be proud to ride 3 wheels
    Donít ever forget the joy youíve had and how exciting it feels
    We may be the few, the brave, the last of a dying breed
    But our atcís still live on, and quench our thirst for speed.

    The End
    Comments 24 Comments
    1. celicagt23's Avatar
      celicagt23 -
      Thats an awesome poem and its all true!! Three wheelers Rock!!
    1. AIR_RIDER's Avatar
      AIR_RIDER -
      best poem EVER i got chills reading it
    1. johnny5's Avatar
      johnny5 -
      * Tear* Awesome poem...
    1. muddog's Avatar
      muddog -
      great poem and so true
    1. goodgreenbandit's Avatar
      goodgreenbandit -
      word, awesome poem
    1. trikes4life's Avatar
      trikes4life -
      i need to find the tissues, tear.....
    1. elanharper's Avatar
      elanharper -
      so true and they will never die as long as some of us stand by their side
    1. mudman242001's Avatar
      mudman242001 -
      Awesome! Nothing but the truth!
    1. wild200x's Avatar
      wild200x -
      i have that poem in my facebook "notes".
    1. 84atc200's Avatar
      84atc200 -
      I have it printed out, its on my shop wall.
    1. Dznutts's Avatar
      Dznutts -
      hahaha i love it.
      its the first time I read it.

      "next time I roost your hide"
    1. reddawg85's Avatar
      reddawg85 -
      love that poem and yes nothing but truth..i get made fun of all the time but like it said i always end up in front..

    1. fidel's Avatar
      fidel -
      went i die , the only whish im goin to assk to my god is he kepp my 3 weller 250r take me whit me , in to the heven so im ridiing in the clounds, and clounds , so went you thing , the tunder sound, you well be rong is well be my 250r honda atc 1983
      i love my engine , i can care whit my 2 hands , woow , beutifull machine , even to safe my soul need to sale my ride , y thing im goin straig to hell , but in my ride , im goin bourn in my set blue, whit tons , and tons of gasolin mixture whit 2 stroke oil yamlube feelet this is my poem thanks destiny , to put in my hands and my care this machine .

      and thanks all guys ho have thoes machines.

      if the churs say , ther are exis a another life , i whish ridi whit all you 250r souls.
    1. RottN's Avatar
      RottN -
      They say the 3-wheeler is a "joke" and "pansy ride," yet they are the ones riding 4-wheelers because they are "safer"... I think we all know who the real pansy's are... Awesome poem!
    1. Midnite_rider's Avatar
      Midnite_rider -
      Pansy ride huh..... Is that because pansy's are SCARED to ride one? I have both, but prefer the 3 wheeler. My daughter rides the quad.
    1. Bustos82's Avatar
      Bustos82 -
      hell yeah thats what im saying........... pple give me why i bought an 84 200x and i tell them is freaking awsome why not........ AWSOME POEM!
    1. ringdingrider's Avatar
      ringdingrider -
      awesome. would like to have that printed on the back of a shirt and put on the trailer
    1. Lil Earl's Avatar
      Lil Earl -
      aw some, i have it my page
    1. Boomerang's Avatar
      Boomerang -
      Wow, I'm glad to see this has been such a flag of honor for so many. Seems like forever since I wrote that. I haven't been on here for a really long time, great to see it still inspires people.Chris
    1. Howdy's Avatar
      Howdy -
      Quote Originally Posted by Boomerang View Post
      Wow, I'm glad to see this has been such a flag of honor for so many. Seems like forever since I wrote that. I haven't been on here for a really long time, great to see it still inspires people.Chris
      It has been a long time!! That poem has been mentioned a lot of times. Some would probably call it a 3 Wheeler Anthem!!!
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