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  • Ohio Trike Crew race. Medina County Fair. July 31st 2012

    There will be a Motocross race at the Medina county fair in Medina, Ohio on July 31st.

    Classes for CRA points series are:

    Three Wheeler Vintage Class - Trikes do not have to be stock, but modifications are limited to those
    typical of the era. Overbore okay but no big bore kits, modern engine transplants, or inverted forks.

    Three Wheeler Open Class – Typically experienced racers on 450cc custom conversions, big bores, and
    highly modified vintage trikes, with modern suspension, or very skilled vintage racers.

    For complete info on OTC Racing and specific events, visit their message forum at http://otc.myfasforum.org or “OTC 3 Wheeler Racing” on facebook, or call TimSr at 330-208-2200.
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    1. TimSr's Avatar
      TimSr -
      Just an update on this - There will be only one 3 Wheeler Class for all events in the CRA Points Series - This will be "3 Wheeler Open Class". Since other classes are still in the system, it allows you to sign up for other classes, and then they have to call you back up later to straighten it all out, so save them a headache by signing up in "3 Wheeler open" class!
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