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  • Brand New 4130 Chromoly ATC 250R Frames Hit the Market!

    This sweet new 1985-86 ATC 250R frame has just hit the market. Built by Dave Moore, it's a product that has been in the making for quite some time. As advertised, it's got a "high profile removable and adjustable subframe, with increased room for spark plug when using large aftermarket cylinder, and increased room for large carb and air filter". It also fits stock radiators, the fuel tank, the rear plastic, and the seat. It will fit an in frame pipe, stock foot pegs, and the rear brake lever. It can also be set up to take Pro-Link rear suspension or the Inter-Link suspension that he designed for another chassis. A huge benefit over stock is that it weighs a whopping 13.5 lbs LESS than OEM.

    It can also be ordered with adjustments such as "adding an additional rear motor mount bar so that you can run the '88/'89 TRX250R swingarm, different footpeg mount options, and more". It was also stated that you could order a welded rear linkage mount in so that if the buyer wanted, they could use the entire TRX450R linkage set up from swingarm to shock to frame. If that wasn't crazy enough, you can order one of these things for a whopping $700. That's an absolute steal, given the prices of the parts on the market today. It has some different methodology and ways of building the frame, some creative fabrication you'll have to check out. Hop on over here to check it out more and leave a comment.
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    1. pertht3's Avatar
      pertht3 -
      where do you go if you want to place an order for this
    1. RadRod's Avatar
      RadRod -
      Was This ever answered?

      Thank you.
    1. oscarmayer's Avatar
      oscarmayer -
      no he disappeared. no contact from the builder after post
    1. C.J's Avatar
      C.J -
      Quote Originally Posted by oscarmayer View Post
      no he disappeared. no contact from the builder after post
      It's extremely easy to get in touch with Dave via Facebook
    1. ironchop's Avatar
      ironchop -
      I got ahold of him and he says isn't making anymore after these last two.

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    1. Ghostv2's Avatar
      Ghostv2 -
      Nobody likes a tease.
    1. atc300r's Avatar
      atc300r -
      Quote Originally Posted by Ghostv2 View Post
      Nobody likes a tease.
      X2. These frames are to awsome to keep for yourself.
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