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  • What is Trikefest?

    What a question! Trikefest is the annual gathering of three-wheeled ATV Enthusiasts that reaches across the entire GLOBE and brings us together at Haspin Acres riding park in Laurel, Indiana. It is held every year, the weekend after Fathers day. Its been going on since 2001, when the event was originally organized and setup. It started with a meager dozen or so riders and has grown into what today is consistently a turn-out of around 300+ people.

    If you love three-wheelers, if you love talking to and hanging out with other trike owners, you'll love Trikefest! In addition there is also exhibition events for Motocross, Drag racing, and hill climbing. We follow up with an awards ceremony that gives the winners of the events a Trophy or other memento to remember it by. We've also been known to throw out some awards for non competition type things such as Most Memorable Event, Furthest distance traveled, Best sportsmanship, and a host of others. You'll also have the chance to pick up some cool schwag such as Trikefest T-shirt's, Hats, and stickers. We've also got a give-a-way table where you'll have a chance to get some FREEBIES! Sound cool?

    Checkout some picture threads of the past Trikefests that members and attendees have contributed to:

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    A correspondent for ATVriders.com visited the event in 2010 and they posted this article on their website which is a great read and if you haven't been before will definitely get you amped up!

    In 2012, and also 2013, a sports editor for a News Paper in the nearby town of Connorsville wrote an article about us too!

    2012 News Examiner Article
    2013 News Examiner Article

    You might also find the following list of previous years recaps and brochures interesting, as well!

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    Trikefest 2011 Almost!

    Things you should know:

    The terrain at Haspin Acres can be quite treacherous. The park is composed mostly of technical woods riding with a lot of rocky and off camber hill climbs. It does also feature 2 motocross tracks, and one drag strip. Be warned though, that these are usually only groomed in the day of the events so they are likely to be a little bit rutted out and rough compared to actual event day conditions.

    Although the event days are only Friday, and Saturday (Sunday is a pack out and travel home day), Historically people have been showing up an entire week in advance and if you come Tuesday or Wednesday you definitely will not be alone!

    BE PREPARED FOR RAIN! The odds are greatly in the favor or at least a good shower and we have had a few years where it was pretty much torrential down pour. Because of the clay based soil at Haspin Acres, it is very slippery and sticky when its wet. Bring several changes of clothes (per day), a set of rubber boots, and some mud tires for your trike just in case! If your tow vehicle is not 4x4, I highly recommend staying up in the top main parking lot and not going down into the camp ground area. If you do take a right down into the camp area, try and find yourself a piece of higher ground to setup camp.

    We share the Haspin Acres park with other patrons. They will include quad riders, dirt bikers, and Jeep/Trail buggy/Rock crawler rigs. Alcohol consumption is permitted at Haspin as long as there is no drunk or belligerent behavior. And although many parents bring their children (and return with them, year after year), some have expressed displeasure with the situation of alcohol consumption. It is a personal judgment call, much like riding a three-wheeler that you will have to make. Haspin security is on site and although it is rarely a problem they have been used in the past. Please be courteous and thoughtful, we're all there to have a good time but don't become a burden to nearby campers.

    With all that being said, You will have a great time. You'll meet tons of great new people, come home with a 100 new stories, and have the memories to last a life time. If you have any other questions about Trikefest, you should feel free to post them up in our Rides, Races, Events forum
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    1. jeswinehart's Avatar
      jeswinehart -
      That right there is a very nice piece of work Billy ! Links to the previous TrikeFest meets and all the info too.

      Nice job. john
    1. goump1995's Avatar
      goump1995 -
      That.....is......awesome. I wish I could go , then again , I'm only 15.
    1. Nightmare's Avatar
      Nightmare -
      Anybody from east coast PA wanna car pool?
    1. the250rguy's Avatar
      the250rguy -
      i'm so going this upcoming year or the year after. this is badass
    1. WRUSTYWRENCH's Avatar
      I am going this year,,,,bringin the hot rod 250es,,,tricked out with goodies. power to stop teh earth from spinnin and fast enough to out run a rabid toad,,,
    1. trikez-youngin's Avatar
      trikez-youngin -
      do you need to have your trike registered like you do to go ride in most parks? cuz if u dont im goin next year for sure
    1. WRUSTYWRENCH's Avatar
      no registration that I have ever needed in Indiana,,,not state owned, private area.....whee ride hard, ride free till it hurts.
    1. judge81's Avatar
      judge81 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Nightmare View Post
      Anybody from east coast PA wanna car pool?
      hi my name is matt. i am going to trikefest. if u would like to car pool let me know.
    1. gkingpolishing's Avatar
      gkingpolishing -
      how much just to camp out?,and meet alot of my customers.

      GKing Polishing
    1. younganreckless's Avatar
      younganreckless -
      what is the date of trike fest? any info would help! if u have anu more info, send an email to zacbrown38@yahoo.com
    1. younganreckless's Avatar
      younganreckless -
      Quote Originally Posted by WRUSTYWRENCH View Post
      I am going this year,,,,bringin the hot rod 250es,,,tricked out with goodies. power to stop teh earth from spinnin and fast enough to out run a rabid toad,,,
      U kiddin? Or is it rele tht built?
    1. Howdy's Avatar
      Howdy -
      Quote Originally Posted by gkingpolishing View Post
      how much just to camp out?,and meet alot of my customers.

      GKing Polishing
      Has been $15 a day for years, but I heard it might go up $1 or $2.
    1. Lynchy350X's Avatar
      Lynchy350X -
      Does anyone know a date to Trikefest? answer to Lynch669@morrisville.edu Thank you
    1. thestud25's Avatar
      thestud25 -
      Lynchy, TrikeFest is the weekend after Father's Day. June 24-26.

      OPEN INVITE: I am coming from Missouri and would love to Carpool. I have a variety of options to get us and our trikes there, splitting gas is all that is needed on your part. PM me if you are interested.

    1. younganreckless's Avatar
      younganreckless -
      I feel like it is a friends only event and I will feel outta place, and is the a hotel naer by
    1. Ironbnder's Avatar
      Ironbnder -
      I see over a hundred trikes. I do not think that they are all "of a friends only" kinda bunch. And, I have never seen a more open, welcoming, helpful bunch of people as the 3 wheeling community here on 3ww. I will make it there someday!
    1. Bill X_R's Avatar
      Bill X_R -
      WOW! The site looks great! TF is going stronger than ever. My applause to Billy and Howdy! and @ this time I would like to boast that I've been a member since 2000. Sad to say I went to the dark side many years ago - then got ride of my truck 5 years ago, so no more rides for me Now I have a means to pull them again...Will do my best to make it this year!
    1. Calvelage04's Avatar
      Calvelage04 -
      Just requested my vacation days today! Can't wait!
    1. on thr33 wh33ls's Avatar
      on thr33 wh33ls -
      Planning on atteniding Trikefest for the first time this year. Is there usually a lot of people with trikes for sale? Can I bring my dog?
    1. kylegrimes's Avatar
      kylegrimes -
      Is it ever in Texas??
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